Civil War Experiences for Kids

If you’re a parent, you know that getting your kids excited about anything related even remotely to education while on vacation is no easy trick. But these Civil War attractions fit the bill. In fact, your kids will have so much fun they might not realize they are actually learning about one of the most … Read more

10 Interesting Facts about J.E.B. Stuart

Debonair and dashing, J.E.B Stuart cut an unmistakable figure on and off the battlefield during the Civil War. Regarded as the Confederate Army’s most accomplished cavalryman, he proudly looked the part, typically adorned in flamboyant military garb as he sat atop his warhorse Skylark. Stuart made his mark leading successful reconnaissance missions, which in part … Read more

North Carolina’s Lesser-Known Civil War Battles

Despite suffering more than 30,000 casualties during the Civil War, North Carolina was not the site of many major battles. But that doesn’t mean the Tar Heel state didn’t see its fair share of fighting. Indeed, the U.S. Navy patrolled the coastline, often providing critical support for invading Union troops. At the same time, guerilla … Read more

10 Civil War Fiction Must-Reads

The Civil War has produced a staggering amount of fodder for literature, both fiction and nonfiction. Sorting through the good, the bad, the great, and the life-changing isn’t easy. So rather than identify the ten best Civil War novels, here’s a list of some that shouldn’t be missed. Cold Mountain, by Charles Frazier (1997) One … Read more

11 Interesting Things You Might Not Know about Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson. Our nation’s seventh president. Known as “Old Hickory” for his legendary toughness—though the original nickname coined by those under his command was simply “Hickory.” That’s one of many interesting facts about this favorite son of the South and one of American history’s more colorful figures. Here are 11 more. 1. Jackson’s birthplace is … Read more