BGES Monograph #20: The Guide to the Grand Gulf–Raymond Scenic Byway

After a hiatus of 10 years, The Papers of the Blue and Gray Education Society is proud to announce the spring 2019 publication of a new guidebook to the Grand Gulf–Raymond Scenic Byway. The first scenic byway in Mississippi, this 50-mile route connecting the town of Grand Gulf and Raymond Military Park played a crucial role in the Vicksburg Campaign, serving as General U.S. Grant’s main supply route. Historian Parker Hills has written an entertaining and informative narrative, detailing the many interesting and important sites along the way. This history was previously highlighted in the 2016 National Geographic publication The Civil War, A Traveler’s Guide, currently ranking as the nation’s best-selling Civil War guidebook.

The Guide to the Grand Gulf Raymond Scenic Byway, part of BGES’ commitment to provide important educational publications, is the 20th in the series, the last being The St. Albans Raiders, published in summer 2008. This monograph is fully funded by an earmarked tax-deductible donation from a BGES supporter.