Levels and Benefits

The BGES recognizes the martial nature of the Civil War and organizes into regiments similar to the military.

  • A new recruit at the basic level is enlisted as a Volunteer, and the membership donation is $75 for the year.
  • A lower-level pre-college or full-time college student membership joins as a Cadet, and the basic donation is $25 annually.
  • at higher levels are commissioned as officers at various Leadership Corps levels: Company, Regimental, Brigade, etc. Each level is honorific and does not bring with it special benefits; thus the entire amount is deductible.

Some people wish to be sustaining members and donate on a regular basis. It might be monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. About 3 percent of our membership participates in the Quarter Guard Program program, with an annual average gift ranging between $220 and $1800. Follow this link if to learn more about our Quarter Guard Program.

We welcome support at any level, but ask you to keep the following in mind as you determine your initial tax-deductible membership donation. Membership fuels the cost of operations and maintenance of the organization. We have a very small but dedicated staff whose employment is dependent upon the size and support of the organization. Your membership makes all the various things we do possible. Projects of the BGES are funded by special collection and appeals. We are always grateful for whatever you decide to contribute.

Follow this link to to Join the Blue and Gray Education Society.

If you are interested in joining BGES, but have questions about membership, contact us.

BGES is a 501(c)(3) organization; therefore, membership donations are 100 percent tax-deductible.