Selected Donations

The Blue and Gray Education Society accepts selected donations of artifacts and books.

The BGES can accept and certify the donation of paintings, prints, antiques, or other fine art of value.

The BGES may also accept the donation of Civil War book collections. The following restrictions apply:

Do not send anything without receiving approval from the executive director.

The BGES cannot assign a value to any tangible gift from a donor. We can certify the receipt of the gift; however, the valuation for tax purposes is the responsibility of the donor.

The BGES cannot certify a gift of a book collection without an accompanying inventory that includes the book title, author/editor, and ISBN. The IRS requires specificity that provides the basis for your valuation. The BGES will not be able to value or confirm the value of your book collection—only the completeness of the inventory.

In rare cases, the BGES may pay for shipping to receive an item of particular value to BGES; however, gifts made by donors should be postage paid and, if valuable, properly insured. Note that this is an expense that may be considered a deductible donation as well.

The BGES does not guarantee any collection will be maintained or disposed of together. The BGES reserves the right to monetize or otherwise dispose of any donations without reference to the donor’s desires if not otherwise agreed at the time of the donation.

If you have questions about selected donations of artifacts or books, contact us.