Field Report: Civil War on the Ohio

A field report from Diane Hartmann:   A friend asked me what I liked about BGES’s “Civil War on the Ohio” tour. I was honestly able to reply, “Everything.” Darryl Smith gave an outstanding presentation, not only of information related to the Civil War but of the importance of Cincinnati to the nation. He brought … Read more

Tour Talk: The Civil War in and Around New Orleans, with Len Riedel

[Editor’s Note: The tour has been postponed until 2023, but it’s never too soon to start getting excited about this amazing tour!] Throughout its history, New Orleans has experienced its fair share of struggle and hardship. Recent events, including Hurricane Ida, underscore this undeniable truth. Fortunately, resiliency is also part of the city’s legacy. As … Read more

BGES Member Spearheading Effort to Honor Navy Commander Ernest Evans

“American hero” is a term thrown around all too casually these days, especially in this era of endless political cycles and over-zealous media personalities who believe they’re the purveyors of patriotism. But that’s not the case with the late Ernest Evans, a U.S. Navy commander during World War II. He was the real McCoy. BGES … Read more

BGES Members Making a Difference: Fergus Bordewich

  What do a roustabout in Alaska’s Arctic oilfields, a deckhand on a Norwegian freighter, and a New York City cabbie have in common? Besides the need for hazard pay, all were jobs held at one time or another by BGES member Fergus Bordewich during a lifetime defined by a hunger to experience the human … Read more

Book Review: Stephen A. Swails, Black Freedom Fighter in the Civil War and Reconstruction

Stephen A. Swails, Black Freedom Fighter in the Civil War and Reconstruction By Gordon C. Rhea (LSU Press, forthcoming November 2021) Gordon Rhea will be leading the BGES tour “The 1864 Overland Campaign Part 1: Grant versus Lee,” on October 18-23, 2021. There are two related videos on BGES YouTube channels that are worth a … Read more

Field Report 2: Lee’s Retreat from Gettysburg

A field report from Sandy Horton:   Just finished up the “Lee’s Retreat from Gettysburg” tour with BGES and enjoyed it immensely. Eight of us were guided by Parker Hills along the two avenues of Lee’s retreat from Pennsylvania, through Maryland, and into the safety of Virginia on this five-day excursion. Contributing to its success … Read more

Book Review: Tullahoma: The Forgotten Campaign that Changed the Course of the Civil War

Tullahoma: The Forgotten Campaign that Changed the Course of the Civil War, June 23–July 4, 1863 David A. Powell and Erc J. Wittenburg (University of Massachusetts Press, 2001) David Powell continues a relentless publication schedule that has established him as the “go-to” guy for all things Middle Tennessee and Northern Georgia—not to mention, his recent … Read more

Celebration of a Life Well Lived

The life celebration of long-time and much lamented BGES supporter David Dubose has been rescheduled for September 4, 2021, in Jacksonville, Florida. The family is inviting all members of the BGES to join them for this celebration of David’s life and legacy. BGES Executive Director, Len Riedel will be attending, and the BGES is sponsoring … Read more

Members Making a Difference: Greg Mertz

Upon completing a phone interview with BGES member Greg Mertz, you are immediately struck by two thoughts. First, despite an illustrious career in the National Parks system, including more than two decades as the Supervisory Historian at Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park (FRSP), Mertz might have missed his calling. His rich, distinctive voice and … Read more

Field Report 1: A Historian’s Reflection on the First Day of Gettysburg

A field report from Joe Knapp:   The Blue and Gray Education Society sponsored “A Historian’s Reflection on the First Day of Gettysburg” on July 9-11, 2021. What a great experience, especially with all the unexpected problems that occurred. Fortunately, Len Riedel and Scott Hartwig managed to overcome and provided a first-class experience. We had … Read more