The Holly Springs Raid Interpretive Project

This 2005 success was dedicated during the town’s pilgrimage celebration and lauded by the town’s African-American mayor. Holly Springs has a large number of surviving antebellum structures, and the project was initiated by the town’s tourism director, Jimmie Thomas. The eight-sign project was cost-shared with prominent members of the town. The project rang in at $25,000.

Historian Parker Hills researched and wrote the text for layout by Michael Beard. BGES members contributed 50 percent of the cost of this project. The end result is historically accurate, appropriately laid out, and properly placed signs. Visitors to Holly Springs can now walk the route of Van Dorn’s men as they made their famous December 1862 raid. This is a tour well worth making, as the members of the town are very receptive and supportive of visitors.

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