Raymond Battlefield / Mike Green


Follow the links to read an excerpt from any monograph. Out-of-print monographs are downloadable at no charge.

  1. He Came as a Peacemaker: Abraham Lincoln in the Confederate Capital
  2. A Study in Warfighting: Nathan Bedford Forrest and the Battle of Brice’s Crossroads
  3. The Battle of Tupelo
  4. The Winter of 1863: Grant’s Louisiana Canals Expeditions — out of print
  5. The Battle of Griswoldville & the Army of the Tennessee on Sherman’s March to the Sea
  6. The First Battle of Moorefield: Early’s Cavalry is Routed
  7. Fitz John Porter, The Campaign of Second Manassas, and The Problem of Command and Control in the 19th Century
  8. The Danville Expedition of April and May June 1865 – out of print
  9. Fear, Fire and Fortitude: Soldiers and Civilians in Columbia, SC Jan – Feb 1865 – out of print
  10. The Jones-Imboden Raid Against the B&O Railroad at Rowlesburg, Virginia April 1863
  11. Of Sabres and Carbines: The Emergence of the Federal Dragoon
  12. Confusion Compounded: The Pivotal Battle of Raymond, 12 May 1863
  13. The Entering Wedge: The Battle of Port Gibson, 1 May 1863
  14. The Coastal War in North and South Carolina: An Analysis of the Evolution of Joint Naval-Army Operations 1861-1865
  15. Publications, Previews & Commentary: A Special Book Review Edition from the Members of the BGES
  16. Roswell Feels the Fire: The Impact of Federal Policies During Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign in July 1864
  17. Colonel Charles Russell Lowell: The Death of a Soldier
  18. The Corinth Diary of Private Charles Stevens, Company A, 47th Illinois Infantry, September 29th – December 5th, 1862
  19. The St. Albans Raiders

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