Cannon Static Display for the Gun Position of the Gallant Pelham

In December 2013, BGES members participated in the dedication of a site where Confederate Major John Pelham enfiladed the attacking Union left from the area around Hamilton’s Crossing during the December 12, 1862, Battle of Fredericksburg. Pelham’s courage in servicing two 12-pound Napoleons was depicted in the painting, “Bronze Guns and Iron Men” by Don Troiani. The site, preserved by the Central Virginia Battlefield Trust, features a 12-pounder and interpretative signage to commemorate the event. The BGES Board of Directors President, Jim Davis, challenged both organizations to match his 33 percent donation, and BGES members provided nearly $10,000 to ensure the static cannon would be delivered on the anniversary of the event at the very site that Pelham’s remarkable achievement took place.