BGES Christmas Gifts Abound

Can it be possible that the holidays are around the corner? With supply chain issues and concerns that online purchases might not arrive in a timely fashion, keep in mind that books make a great gift, and BGES has four superb books that are totally gift-worthy. Each is ready for immediate shipment and is $45 inclusive of tax and shipping.

Our four collectors books are all leather bound, with satin bookmark and gold or silver foil imprints and gilding. You will be proud to present them—and BEST of ALL, they are all great reads and coffee table quality. The four books are:

Fields of Honor, Ed Bearss’s best-selling book ever. With over 70,000 copies in print since its 2005 release, the limited edition leather BGES Special Edition drips with Bearss’ unique battlefield presence and personality.

Receding Tide is Ed Bearss’s most intuitive work. Published in 2010, in collaboration with Gen. Parker Hills, RT presents the relationship between military operations in Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and along the Mississippi against Vicksburg. These campaigns interact to dramatically affect the outcome of the war, and Bearss makes that connection in a way that other historians have seemed to miss. A book that has gone out of print, the special leather-bound edition is both a stimulating read and a great keepsake of the late legend’s intellect.

Shiloh 1862 was the product of a collaboration with the National Geographic, BGES, and the very well-known novelist and historian Winston Groom. The Forrest Gump author loved history, and this was his third book on operations in the West. Released in 2014, Groom’s book places you shoulder-to-shoulder with the soldiers in the field as Shiloh strips away the illusion of the romance of a short or relatively bloodless conflict. Ironically, both Bearss and Groom died on the same day in September 2020.

The Civil War, A Traveler’s Guide is the nation’s most robust and important field guide for more than 500 sites of the Civil War. Richly illustrated and filled with interesting and stimulating perspectives, essays, photographs, and an extensive list of essential books on a wide range of themes and events, the 2016 guide, edited by BGES Executive Director Len Riedel, is the best-selling battlefield guide in the country. A must-have book that will inform and educate people who are Civil War buffs and those with a casual or budding interest. It is a title that will be used frequently.

All four books are available on the BGES website. Click on each of the titles above for a hot link to the book on the BGES website. Each is only available through BGES, and your purchase provides much appreciated support for the BGES.

Autographed Copies

For those of you looking for the special gift for friends or yourself, autographed copies of the travel guide are freely available at no additional cost but only upon request. Send an email to

A limited number of Groom’s Shiloh 1862 are available for $150 each. Call Len at 434-250-9921 to check availability.

A few autographed copies of Ed Bearss’s Fields of Honor are available for $200 each; again, call Len.

Finally, copies of Receding Tide autographed by Parker Hills only are available for $75 each. There may be a couple of RT autographed by both Bearss and Hills for $250 each. Ask Len about other special hard-to-find books that would make exceptional gifts.

The holidays are upon us. Christmas is less than eight weeks distant. We have everything we advertised ready for immediate shipment. Books without autographs can go out on the day they are ordered. Shipments to England, Canada, or the Bahamas command a surcharge for shipping and may be delayed by country customs restrictions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.