Receding Tide, by Edwin C. Bearss

In Receding Tide, Ed Bearss draws from his popular tours to chronicle these two widely separated but simultaneous clashes and their dramatic conclusion. As the recognized expert on both Vicksburg and Gettysburg, Bearss tells the fascinating story of this single momentous day in our country’s history, offering his readers narratives, maps, illustrations, characteristic wit, dramatic new insights and unerringly intimate knowledge of terrain, tactics, and the colorful personalities of America’s citizen soldiers, Northern and Southern alike.

This book has originated from videotapes of Bearss’ tours of Vicksburg and Gettysburg. They have been transcribed, and J. Parker Hills has edited them and written brief transitions in the narrative. The words clearly belong to Bearss in their detail of the fighting, the characterizations of individuals and the overarching strategy behind the movements. The result is a smooth narrative of compelling force. — Jeffry D. Wert, Civil War News.

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