Help Needed: Dedicated Volunteers Preferred

BGES thrives on low overhead and the voluntary efforts of members and interested parties to accomplish tasks that are essential to the daily and recurring operations of the organization. Tasks that might require a full- or part-time, paid staff member in a larger group with more monetary throughput become a necessary but occasional task that would require us to contract a specialist to complete it on time and schedule.

CPA Support Needed

For more than 20 years, BGES has had “in-house” volunteers or connected members to advise on the integration and use of QuickBooks online, the filing of required state and federal reports, and our annual information report, the IRS Form 990 Report for NonProfit Organizations. Some reports must be filed monthly with the state, quarterly with the state and federals, and annually with the state and federals. Good paperwork is essential to the successful and unencumbered operation of the organization. It keeps us in good standing with the State of Virginia Corporation Commission, the town and county Departments of Revenue (town of Chatham town and Pittsylvania County), and the Internal Revenue Service.

In addition, the BGES, which holds real property and, as a 501c3, should be eligible for various other sales tax exemptions both in Virginia and where we pay for services outside the state (such as hotel taxes).

All of this requires a savvy experienced Certified Public Accountant to accomplish these tasks. Our current volunteer has expressed their desire to end their three-year term of service by the end of 2022. The new person or organization would assume the responsibilities for the organization no later than February 1, 2023, and would execute the 2022 Form 990.

If you would be willing to tackle this task, please contact Len at or call him at 434-250-9921. BGES is incorporated in Virginia.

BGES Newsletter Editor

From its inception, we have been blessed to work with an exceptionally well-qualified contractor. Barbara Kennedy breathed life into the electronic newsletter and month to month she has shepherded the articles, cajoling the contributors, plotting an interesting and informative monthly publication that reached members, past-due members, and potential members and the general public on the activities of our nonprofit educational organization. The purpose of the newsletter is as a membership tool.

Barbara recently shepherded the BGES’s fifth book from inception to press on time and under budget. Milestones such as the book offer a chance for renewal, and Barbara is ready to tackle some new challenges within BGES’s pool of opportunities while remaining within her budgeted time of 20-25 hours a month devoted to our organization. To do that, I am looking for a creative, experienced, self-starting individual to be the new editor. While our first preference is for a volunteer, the importance of the product is such that funds are available if compensation is required. The amount is negotiable as is the funds that would be available to support a professional product.

We are looking for the same type of stability that Barbara gave us and would like to transition this function as early as the December 2022 newsletter. If interested please reach out to Len at or call 434-250-9921.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash