Sunny Days Ahead! BGES 2022 Schedule Released

Even as 2021 winds down, we look optimistically at the 2022 Schedule of Field University Tours, which will start in early January. IF YOU WOULD LIKE INFORMATION ON ANY OF THEM, PLEASE SEND US AN EMAIL AT with your name, snail mail address (for confirmation) and a listing of the programs you would like to know more about. Registration forms will start to go online this month, and programs will be open for registration as those forms are released.

Here is our schedule for 2022, All dates are confirmed with the historians save two ,which are noted in Italicized print and with the phrase “Tentative.”

Sherman’s March to the Sea

January 9-15, 2022, from Mobile, Alabama: Discovering Alabama from the Creeks to Space, with Mike Bunn and Norm Dasinger, Jr.

January 26-30, 2022, from Morrow, Georgia: “The March” from Atlanta to the Sea, with John Derden

February 16-20, 2022, from Port Allen, Louisiana: Vicksburg 8: The Bayou Teche and Port Hudson Campaigns, with Parker Hills

February 23-27, 2022, from Beaufort, South Carolina: Sherman’s March Through South Carolina, with Stephen Wise

March 4-6, 2022, from Roswell, Georgia: The Atlanta Campaign on the Weekend, Chapter 5, To the Gates of Atlanta and Peachtree Creek, with Bob Jenkins

March 7-12, 2022, from Nashville, Tennessee: George Thomas, The Rock of Chickamauga, with Brian Steel Wills

March 20-26, 2022, from Williamsburg, Virginia: The 1862 Peninsula and Seven Days Campaigns, with Paul Severance and Len Riedel

April 5-9, 2022, from Winchester, Virginia: Setting the World on Fire: George Washington and the French and Indian War, with Scott Patchan

April 22-30, 2022, from Kansas City, Missouri: The Central Plains Indians War, with Neil Mangum

May 24-28, 2022, from Alexandria, Louisiana: The Red River Campaign, with Parker Hills

June 5-10, 2022, from Ashland, Virginia: The 1864 Overland Campaign Part 2, with Gordon Rhea

June 10-12, 2022, from Fredericksburg, Virginia: Civil War 101: Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, with Greg Mertz

June 20-24, 2022, from Valley Forge, Pennsylvania: George Washington, Between the Fourths (1777 and 1778), with Gary Ecelbarger

June 20-30, 2022, from Great Falls, Montana: The Great Expedition, Lewis and Clark to and from the Pacific Ocean, with Neil Mangum

July 8-10, 2022, from Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia: Civil War 101: Chickamauga, with Norm Dasinger Jr.

July 11-16, 2022, from South Memphis, Tennessee, Grant Moves South, with Tim Smith

July 29-31, 2022, Tentative: From Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, A Historian’s Reflections on Harpers Ferry, with Dennis Frye

August 16-18, 2022, from Chattanooga, Tennessee: Wizards of the Saddle, with Lee White

August 18-21, 2022, from Chattanooga, Tennessee: “We Shall Now Turn on Him in the Direction of Chattanooga,” Bragg’s Plan September 15-19, 1863, with Jim Ogden

Dunkers Church, Antietam

September 9-11, 2022, from Shepherdstown, West Virginia: Battle Along the Antietam, with Scott Hartwig and Thomas Clemens

September 29-October 1, 2022, from Danville, Kentucky: The Kentucky Invasion of 1862, with Darryl Smith

October 3-6, 2022, Tentative, from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Meade at Gettysburg, with Kent Masterson Brown and Len Riedel

October 10-14, 2022, from Spartanburg, South Carolina: Kings of the Mountain, with Gary Ecelbarger and Scott Patchan

October 21-29, 2022, from Erlanger, Kentucky (Cincinnati area): My Old Kentucky Home, with Neil Mangum

November 1-5, 2022, from Pickwick Landing State Park, Tennessee: Corinth, Iuka and Davis Bridge, with Parker Hills

November 11-13, 2022, from Atlanta, Georgia: Atlanta on the Weekends Chapter 6, The Battles of Atlanta and Ezra Church, with Bob Jenkins

December 1-4, 2022, from Pooler, Georgia: Revolutionary Georgia, with John Derden

December 7-11, 2022, from Princeton, New Jersey: Washington’s Desperate Gambit, Christmas 1776, with Gary Ecelbarger

Let us know what you are interest in. Send that email, and we will put you on the list for information about it when it is released.