A Heartwarming Tradition Continues for America’s Warriors

A delicious feast!

September 14, 2019, will be a special day as we renew an annual tradition. We will be having a community luncheon in Sharpsburg for the cohort of Wounded Warriors and their families that participate in our series of Wounded Warrior tours. For about eight years, the good folks of Keedysville and Sharpsburg have prepared lunch for the midpoint of our annual trek to Antietam. The warmth and respect shown by these men, women, and their families remind us all why our military is so special. While we in the BGES respect and honor those who fought and fell so long ago, today’s warriors are the honorable and direct descendants of that unique and worthy profession.

We’ve included just a couple photos that capture the spirit of hope and gratitude we feel daily as these young warriors master the disabilities and sacrifices that service to country embody. All hail to those who wear our uniform and the families they leave behind.


Chris Hancock mastering the Longstreet Tower at Gettysburg, on a recent BGES tour