Field Report 2: Lee’s Retreat from Gettysburg

A field report from Sandy Horton:


Just finished up the “Lee’s Retreat from Gettysburg” tour with BGES and enjoyed it immensely. Eight of us were guided by Parker Hills along the two avenues of Lee’s retreat from Pennsylvania, through Maryland, and into the safety of Virginia on this five-day excursion.

Contributing to its success for me was the expertise of and cogent presentation by our guide (who had even arranged for us to tour private property sites not otherwise open to the public), the small number of very convivial folks involved, the deep bench of subject matter knowledge displayed in the questions and comments, and very comfortable hotel accommodations. We stayed on schedule and followed the syllabus—what more could you ask for?

This was my first group tour of any sort, ever. I’m putting my money where my mouth is and signing up for my second one. It’s with BGES, “The Overland Campaign Part 1,” in October 2021. If you are sitting on the fence, undecided about group touring, jump off into a very worthwhile experience.

See you on the trail,

Sandy Horton

Fredericksburg, VA